Nail To The Yeah! | SensatioNail Gel Nail Starter Kit Review


Once upon a time, I use to do my nails ALL the time and when I say all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME! I went to a cosmetology high school so I would literally do my nails in French Class. Of course people would hate it because obviously fresh class had nothing to do with beauty but I promise I wasn't the only one who did it haha! 

Unfortunately I'm not able to do my nails as often as I use to and even when I do have the opportunity, forget having the time to let them dry when you have a 3 year old and 2 month old! So I started going to the nail shop. Even though I loved going to the nail shop, the polish would eventually chip and I'd have to wait until I had more extra money to get them done again. Eventually I tried out gel nails and loved them even more but one day I decided to invest in my own gel nail kit. I was paying $25 every 2 weeks when I could put that money towards something more important. So I went to Target and bought a SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit for only $25. 

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My favorite thing about gel nails is the fact that they last so long and it is a fairly quick and easy application with ZERO dry wait time! I have no time to wait for my nails to dry, such as yesterday I painted my nails while my baby laid down for a nap. She had already been sleep a couple hours in my arms and so when I laid her down I knew she would be waking up soon. So I sat down and did my nails and of course right when I finished up is when I heard her small cries coming from the bedroom.

The kit includes everything you need for ten perfect applications, including the Pro 3060 LED lamp, designed to safely and quickly flash-cure your favorite gel polish to a glossy finish. Gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish and gel base & top coat round out the kit. - SensatioNail Website


There are only 6 steps to achieve your cute gel nails!

  1. Clean nails with Gel Cleanser
  2. Apply Gel Primer over entire nail
  3. Apply Gel Base & Top Coat. Cure for 30 seconds under lamp.
  4. Apply Gel Color of your choice and cure for 60 seconds under lamp. Do 2x.
  5. Again apply Gel Base & Top Coat. Cure for 30 seconds under lamp.
  6. Wipe off each nail with Gel Cleanser to remove stick coating

All finished!! No need to wait for you nails to dry! My nails last 2 weeks with no chipping! By 2 weeks my nails have grown out so that the only reason I don't wear it any longer.                        
You can buy the kit and buy additional colors at Target, Walmart, or your local drug store.

Would you ever do your own gel nails at home?

Kayvona Branson