How to Celebrate Valentine's Day While Single


I really wanted to talk about how to celebrate Valentine's Day while single because being single doesn't mean you can't celebrate the holiday of love! Use this day to focus on loving yourself and reminding yourself that you are beautiful and well worth the wait! Sometimes it can be hard to watch everyone around you be in love but it is totally ok to be alone. When you're alone you can learn how to love yourself and me personally I'm using this time to build my relationship with Christ. It is totally ok to celebrate Valentine's Day alone. Here's how I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day at home... 


You can never go wrong with a relaxing bubble bath. I love bath bombs and get all of mine from Lush and I especially love the colors this one gave my bath water. I pored myself a glass of bubbly and snacked on some yummy chocolates while listening to some music


After my relaxing bath, I threw on a super cute silky robe and grabbed my favorite magazine and literally did nothing. Paint your nails, read a book, or watch your favorite movie and just be happy! Stay away from the romanic films because sometimes those can make you feel sad and lonely. Instead pop on a comedy chick flick (I opted for Bridesmaids!) 


How Will You Be Celebrating Valentine's Day this year?