DIY | At Home Manicure


Lately I've really been wanting to go to the nail salon and get my nails done. I feel like my nails look like crap! I've been focusing so much on everything going on in my life, I've neglected my nails so much! Especially my feet, but that's a whole different situation.

If you know me well, then you know that I attended a Cosmetology high school and actually have the knowledge of how to do a salon quality manicure. Before I had my daughter I was always doing my nails. Even in high school, I would paint my nails during French (the perks of having a cosmetology program hehe). I love to do nail art so I figured why not just do my own nails.

So lets get on to the manicure!!!

What You'll Need


Nail Clipper | Nail File | Cuticle Pusher | Hand or Body Scrub (not pictured above) | Bowl Big Enough To Dip Hands In (not pictured above) | Hand Lotion | Nail Polish of Your Choice


Step One - Remove any nail polish. | Step Two - Clip and/or file nails to your liking. | Step Three - Push back cuticles.


Step Four - Fill your bowl with warm water and grab your favorite scrub, this one is a foot scrub from Lush but it works great on the hands too! | Step Five - Moisturize hands then wipe nails with nail polish remover. 


Step Six - Brush your nail polish on in 3 strokes, then go back and add another coat. For extra fun do a cute nail design!!


Sally Hansens Hard As Nails "Pacific Blue" | Love & Beauty "Aqua" | L.A. Colors Art Nail "Silver"

Which do you prefer? Salon or At Home Manicure?