Happy With Myself | OOTD


For the past 3 hours I've been basically editing the pictures for this post, not because they needed editing but because I've been trying to  figure out which pictures to use. Originally this was going to be a makeup post. I took all the pictures for a great eyeshadow pictorial but after downloading the pictures and doing a ton of editing, I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't good enough. So then I remembered that I took a few outfit post earlier that I hadn't planned on posting and realized that I actually liked them enough to do a post. Once I edited the pictures and uploaded them to the blog I started critiquing my body in the pictures.


Growing up, I was always the stick thin girl. My friends often called me skinny mini and in high school one of my friends would call me KayTwigga, haha. I never had body image issues, God blessed me with a few curves here and there in all the right places. I always loved my body. Even during pregnancy I still loved my, it was post baby that my body issues started. It's been over a year since I had my daughter and I still am not back to how I  want to be and I find it extremely hard to get back to a small toned waist because I've never had to work out like this ever before. I rarely take full body pictures because I don't like my body and even as I'm looking at the pictures now I keep thinking "ugh I do not like that picture!" but I know I need to get rid of those feelings and be more confident on my body image. I am my own worse enemy and only I am holding me back, so from now on I need to forget about everything I don't like and focus on knowing that I AM BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!


What do you do to help out your own self confidence?