Planner Decor - Planning Your Week In Style


Yes, I have jumped on the planner decor train. I know I know, it's just a trend, but you have to admit it's a pretty cute trend! I had been watching a few Erin Condren decor videos on Youtube for a while but those planners are so expensive I just never could bring myself to buy one. Thankfully one day I came across The Happy Planner and I had to buy it, especially being that its only $25!


Personally I am not the most organized girl out there, I try to have some organization in my life here and there but man its so hard. I have definitely had my moments where I just throw everything in one area and don't care at all, but eventually that clutter irritates me and I organize it all out. Then I have my moments where I have to have certain things organized at all times, such as my makeup. Makeup has to be organized by face, eyes, and lips because I just have so much and I don't feel like going through everything mixed up. Plus as a mommy I do not have the time to go through makeup, that takes away time from actually getting ready!

Also I have to write things down or else I'm going to forget, so I definitely have about a million notes in my iPhone. So a planner actually is very useful in my life so I can write down all my mommy duties and not forget! So why not do it in style?!


I love polka dots and I found this matching Kate Spade pencil caseto go with my planner!!

Like I stated above I bought The Happy Planner Here for only $25! Along with the planner I also purchased a couple planner sticker sheets and washi tape. My absolute favorite planner stickers I purchased are my Mambi Quote Stickers, I love seeing inspirational quotes and sayings in my planner everyday to keep me motivated! You can also buy stickers from Michaels, Walmart, and Target that are just regular stickers in the arts and craft or scrapbooking aisle. Also pick up scrapbooking paper to add flair to your planner.


 Etsy is a great place to find cheap planner printables. I've bought a few for no more than $2 each and sometimes they are on sale for $1. You can print them out on sticker sheets or do like I do and print them out on regular paper and cut them out and glue or tape them down! The options are literally endless! Here are the printables I used this week! Only $2 for 6 full pages! Like I said, the options truly are endless!

Are you jumping on the decorative planner train? If so, what are your favorite things to add to your planner?