PROfUSION Strobe & Glow Highlight Palette & Brush Swatches


During the holidays, it’s so easy to see everything and want it all! If you know me, then you know when I walk in Target that is pretty much what happens every time haha. So when I spotted the Profusion Palettes on one of my weekly trips, I just had to have them! Now I saw these palettes before Christmas and so I placed them on my Christmas List which meant I couldn’t buy any just incase I received it as a gift. Well fast forward to Christmas, I didn’t end up receiving any which was fine because I got so much that I loved and honestly I actually forgot all about them. When I shopped Target’s after Christmas clearance I didn’t see any and so they didn’t even cross my mind. Well one trip the other day, I decided to check out the Beauty clearance and I just happened to walk past a FULL display of them! I jumped for joy (and probably looked crazy talking to myself in front of a near by associate haha). I grabbed 2 palettes that I loved and proceeded back to shopping and once I was done I headed to self checkout. Wouldn’t you know they rang up half price!! I was so tempted to run back to grab more but I held my composure and only spent $27368392 dollars over what I was suppose to spend hah!


I did have a difficult time trying to accurately capture the true colors but I managed to get a pretty close shot and I must admit from just the swatches I’m definitely intrigued. I wanted to do face swatches but 9 colors seems a bit impossible to swatch on face without making your skin raw so I’ll probably do another post of some makeup looks using these in the next few days!

Can we just talk about the packaging also real quick! Amazing. And that brush looks and feels pretty promising too!

I’ve definitely got high hopes for this palette, so Profusions feel free to come through for your girl!!  

Have you tried this palette? What are your favorite lowend highlighters?