Jaclyn Hill Dark Magic Palette


Jaclyn Hill is easily one of my fave MUA’s and though I don’t necessarily agree with some of her associates, I still can’t help to want all of her Morphe collabs! The colors are always so gorgeous and I wish I could have gotten my hands on her original Morphe palette! Fortunately, my local Ulta carries Morphe so I was finally able to get my hands on a couple of her collabs! I picked up The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette and Dark Magic Palette. I really really want the Armed & Gorgeous Palette but of course my Ulta was sold out! 

Anywho, this post is all about the Dark Magic Palette!


The main thing I love about Morphe and this palette is how affordable it is! Morphe is known to provide gorgeous quality that doesn’t make your bank account cry in emptiness! This palette is only $15!! Winning!

I don’t have to speak much on the quality, the pictures most definitely speak for themself and if you know Morphe then you know it’s bomb!  

Side Note - Morphe is opening a store here at the Mall of America and I am ecstatic!!!!!!

Ok back to the palette! 


Though I am not a fan at all of the palette name, I do love the colors and how perfect they are for fall! My very favorite color is Potion which is the perfect tone of Olive! Olive is my absolute favorite color to wear in fall and none of the palettes I own contain a olive green so I will be using Potion a ton this season! Again this palette is only $15 and there are 4 different color options so definitely head to your local Ulta cause you’re going to want to see these colors in person!


I am very happy with this buy and Jaclyn Hill most definitely did her thang with these color selections! I’m pretty sure she’s the queen of warm/fall looks!  

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