Tarte Love,Trust, and Fairy Dust Palette


When I first laid my eyes on this palette, I knew at that moment I HAD TO HAVE IT. Purely based off the packaging alone!! This is my absolute favorite packaging of ALL TIME for a makeup palette I mean you cannot go wrong with a gorgeous pink ultra glittery anything haha! I didn’t even look at the colors featured in the palette but once I opened it of course I got even more excited to see some of my favorite colors featured! I did not have a rose gold shadow and had always wanted one but honestly even if I didn’t love the color selection I would still have bought it just for the packaging!


Tarte always has amazing palettes but crazy enough I’ve never purchased any of their palettes before, I know I should be ashamed. I definitely have had a few of their palettes on my wishlist but always buy another palette or makeup product I’ve been eyeing so that was even more of a reason to purchase this palette. I love how smooth these eye shadows go on too! So buttery and absolutely gorgeous! I just can’t get enough I’ve been wearing this palette every chance I get!


My favorite colors from the palette would have to be Flitter, Whimsical, Magic, and Mystical. I am so in love with the color blush so Whimsical definitely caters to that love! One thing I didn’t realize is that the middle color (also last color on my swatches) is a highlighter. I honestly have just used it on my eyes but now I’ll have to try it out as a highlight!

You can purchase this palette where ever Tarte is sold, I personally purchased mine at Ulta and is only $39 which I think is a great deal for such a quality palette


What is your favorite Tarte palette or what palette do you have on your wishlist?