Posh Mama Style | Glam Girl OOTD


So originally these photos were going to be apart of a VDay lookbook I had planned BUT this past Saturday I broke my leg. Yes you read that correctly, I literally broke my leg! I slipped on some ice and fell right onto my foot, and I guess the position that I landed lead to a fracture in my fibula. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and found out that I also have some legiment damage in my ankle joint, so hopefully my cast does the job of holding everything in place so I heal correctly and don’t end up needing surgery. The timing really does suck though because I’m in MN and planned to attend all the Super Bowl festivities but instead I’m stuck in the house *insert crying emoji* lol Now that I have all this time on my hands, I guess I’ll turn these lemons into lemonade and really do some planning and working on a few of my goals I wrote out in the beginning of January. 

Everything happens for a reason right? 


Anywho, back to the outfit..

Like I said above this was suppose to be for a VDay lookbook, and I would totally still recommend it for rocking on that special day with bae but I have to admit wearing this any day will have you feeling like THAT DEAL! When I saw this jacket at Forever 21 I just had to have it especially since spring is right around the corner! I mean if you’re feeling fancy, there is nothing better than throwing some faux fur in your look. And it was on sale for $15, definitely Bougie on a Budget lol. Actually this entire outfit is from Forever 21, except the backpack that’s from my second home Target. Lol. 

 Top (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Jacket | Backpack (sold out)

What is your favorite way to glam up your outfit?