Product Review | Eylure X Jasmine Brown "CurlyQueen" Lashes


You know that feeling when you see something and know right then and there that you HAVE to have them? That is exactly what happened a couple weeks ago when I was watching RavenElyseTV and saw her mention these lashes! Now, I had seen the packaging for these lashes floating around social media and I even saw them in stores but it wasn't until I actually saw them on Raven that I realized just how cute they really were!

I'm not really crazy about lashes, though I do believe that they take a look from blah to YEAH! real quick but I just haven't really mastered the application technique quite yet so I settle for making my own lashes pop with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Sometime I even feel like lashes don't look that great on me but maybe it's just the lack of knowing how to apply them but every now and again I see a pair of lashes that I have to have for those times that I am feeling adventurous. 


These lashes definitely didn't disappoint! I just love the way they look on my eyes and how they make my eye-shape pop. Lashes always give you such a cute and feminine look! Like I stated above, I am not the best at applying lashes and still need some more practice, but for a none wearing lash person I think they look super good on! I normally will trim my lashes down a bit on the side to fit my eye-shape better but I wanted to try these on without trimming them and I actually like the width of these lashes so I'm a little undecided on whether or not I'll trim them down.   


As you can see above, the lash strips are clear and each pair comes with a small glue. One thing I need work on is making sure the lash strip isn't so obvious. Feel free to leave tips below haha! I also really appreciate the application guide on the back that shows you step by step how to apply the lashes. As you can see it also references a video to see it applied here, so I definitely plan on checking out the videos myself to see what I can learn. 

You can find Eylure X Jasmine Brown "CurlyQueen" Lashes along with another style "Jaybee" at Target and Ulta.

*I purchased this product with my own money. 

*I purchased this product with my own money. 

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