Nail To The Yeah! | Sensationail Gel Polish "Perfect Periwinkle" Review


After sitting in the house for 6 weeks straight healing from my leg fracture, I finally have been cleared to walk! Y'all just don't even know how happy I was to finally be able to get out the house! Ever since I've gotten back on my feet, I've also decided to start putting a little bit more effort into my look. Doing my eyebrows and lashes, laying my edges haha, and keeping my nails painted. I have always loved doing my nails ever since I can remember, it's just something about having pretty nails that just makes me feel more classy and lady like. 


Spring is technically here, but if you can't tell by the pictures, yes that is SNOW in the background. Yes, snow. And we have more on the way. As I sit at my window typing this post, I'm watching everything turn white and it literally sucks!! So this nail polish definitely helps build hope for spring because it is literally the perfect spring color. Sensationail couldn't have chosen a better name because it literally is so perfect! 

You can check out my review of the Sensationail Gel Nail Starter Kit HERE for all info on how long and what steps this gel polish takes. This kit includes everything you need including the LED Lamp and only cost $24.88! My local nail salon charges $25 just for a gel nail color change so you will definitely save so much money just doing them on your own! Plus, I have a DIY manicure post so you can even treat yourself to a full manicure right in the comfort of your own home! 

I for some reason cannot find this color online but I did pick it up at my local Walmart. 

How is your Spring going so far?