Fenty Beauty 2 in 1 Liquid Eye Shimmer in Island Bling


If you saw my previous post, you would know that I recently had a trip to Sephora and picked up a couple items from the Fenty Summer Collection. I picked up one of the Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trios along with this 2 in 1 Liquid Eye Shimmer. I also stated that I hadn’t jumped on the Fenty train yet...UNTIL NOW. I’m low key obsessed with this Summer collection, I’ve been watching all types of reviews and tutorials on YouTube. I just watched Sonjdradeluxe video using one of the Killawatt Highlighters and like 0 lies told, I’m buying that product TODAY! I already had my eyes on it because every time I see the promo pic of Rihanna wearing the look that @pricillaono created I literally can’t contain myself. So yea just know that review and possibly recreate of the look will be up Friday. Let’s just call this Fenty Week here on the blog LBS!


I absolutely love products like this, cream eyeshadows that you can blend in with your finger and literally go on about your day! It’s literally the perfect effortless look and if you’re  a mommy like me than you know you probably don’t have that much time to put into your makeup. Very often I find myself deciding between hair or makeup and for me hair ALWAYS wins because your girl CANNOT walk out the house with my hair looking a hot mess. I usually end up doing eyebrows and mascara on the way or at my destination (maybe). So Lord knows I need products that can easily be tossed in my purse and put on, on the go. This is definitely that! And I just love how shimmery it is on the lid! You can play your look down with just a hint of Reignbow on your lid or go full glam adding Summer Fling to your crease! Either way, this here is a must for that summer look we all know and love!


The quality of these products are just so amazing! The pigmintation and also the range of uniqueness. I truly feel that there is not another product that is on this level. Rihanna is already one of the top fashion icons and though I don’t listen to her music I definitely pay attention to her fashion and of course hairstyles so it’s a no brainer that her beauty line reaches so many levels you can’t even deny it’s pure genius.  

The Fenty Beauty 2 in 1 Eye Shimmer comes in 2 options, Summer Fling/Reignbow and Mamacita/Tini Kini. They cost $26 but are sold out  onlin e unfortunately so you’ll have to check your local Sephora to see if they have any in stock.