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Outfit From $10 Rack 

Outfit From $10 Rack 

I have to admit. I don't really like taking pictures. I feel like I always look so weird in them haha! It always takes so much for me to talk myself into posting pictures of myself and so, of course, I've had these pictures for a couple weeks but am just now talking myself into putting them in a post. 

I think my main thing with pictures is the whole posing thing. I always feel like I'm too posy or trying too hard and it just doesn't come across as natural. So when I heard about a Street Fashion & Photography Workshop happening in my city put on by the Minneapolis Blogger Union that was going to feature local blogger Lauren Meyer and her tips on how to pose of course I had to attend. 

Lauren definitely provided some great tips on posing then we headed around the area with 4 photographers and put those tips to use. I can't lie, I did get a bit discouraged by a few things, mainly due to still feeling "uncomfortable" in front of the camera and the fact that the cute mobile boutique that provided super cute clothing for us to borrow for our shoots didn't have anything that flattered my own personal body shape. So I only took pictures with 3 of the photographers and ultimately only really liked the photos I took with 1 photographer which are the ones on this post.  These photos were taken by Natasha Furduy.

Anywho, I'm definitely working on the whole photo confidence and living shamelessly, so pray for me haha!

What are your tips for taking pictures?