​5 Apparel Companies To Rep Your #BlackGirlMagic


I wholly believe that your Facebook profile tells exactly who you are. I’ve had guys come up to me in the past expressing interest and one of the first things I’m asking is “What’s you FB?” Hahaha. One day I thought to myself “I wonder what my FB says about me?” The top 3 things you can tell about me just looking through my FB profile is that I love and am unashamed of Jesus, I love beauty, and I embrace my blackness! Lol I go hard for all 3 of those things and unapologetically but today we are going to focus on that Black Pride.

I remember the time in my life when I became “WOKE”. I’ve always loved my blackness and can remember my brothers and I saying “Stay Black” jokingly all the time, well serious in a joking way haha! It wasn’t until I took a Black History class in college though that opened my eyes truly. I became aware of things I had never even know, things that they don’t teach you in school. Surprisingly this class was taught by a white man who was extremely passionate about black history and I will never forget the experience I had in his classes. Ever since I’ve been very vocal as far as expressing my black pride and using my platform to speak against the injustices my people receive daily. So of course, I had to make a statement at the MN State Fair this past summer! I wore this super bomb tee “Her Black Fist” from a local business and I definitely turned heads! A guy even asked could he take a picture of my shirt! So I think it was definitely a success and it definitely got me wanting to wear more #BlackGirlMagic/Black Pride apparel! So that’s where this post comes in! 

Here are my top 5 #BlackGirlMagic Apparel Lines


1. Chocolate Chick Tees

This is where I got my “Her Black Fist” tee that I referred to above! This brand has super cute tees for all my brown sistas! I love it even more because it’s a local brand and it feels so good to support local black owned businesses!  



2. Black Excellence 

Another local favorite, this brand showcases just how excellent we are as a people! We need more positive and uplifting brands such as this in our communities, I’m sick and tired of seeing black people potrayed as up to no good individuals! We are so much more! 



3. Hello Tees

Yall I am so HERE for this brand! When I found this brand on IG let me tell you I almost flipped! Their designs are BEYOND cute and I LOVE how they embrace natural hair in their apparel! Another must have in your #BlackGirlMagic waredrobe! 



4. PardonMyFro

I mean the name says it all! This brand doesn’t only add to your #BlackGirlMagic wardrobe, it will even have your #BlackGirlMagic showing all over your home! I can’t even lie, I NEED THAT SQUAD SWEATSHIRT!!!  



5. My Pride Apparel

Again another brand that empowers black people, I love the messages that come across through this brands tees! My personal fave is the B.A.E (Black And Educated) Tee. Plus there’s even cute tees for your little ones too!!



Comment Below & Tell Me Some Of Your Favorite Black Owned Businesses! Let’s Support One Another Y’all!