American Girl of the Year 2019 - Blaire Wilson


As a little girl I loved American Girl! My grandma bought me my first doll when I was 9 years old and even as I got older my love for AG stayed for the long run. By the time a store finally opened in my state I was 16 and well let’s just say I felt I was way too old to indulge in dolls. Fast forward to when I found out I was having a baby girl, all my dreams of splurging in my favorite childhood toy store came rushing back! I waited until she was 2 years old to buy her first Bitty Baby and of course everyone thought I was crazy for buying a $60 baby doll but I HAD TO! Over the next 3 years we have grown our AG collection to 2 Bitty Babies, 2 Wellie Wishers, 7 American Girl Dolls and tons and tons of accessories! It’s safe to say we are addicted! For the past 2 years we have gotten the Girl of the Year and this year was no different so we were super excited to grab Blaire and a couple items from her collection.


Blaire loves to watch cooking shows and is a total foodie. Her collection comes with a wide range of fun accessories from a cute interactive garden to her Family Farm Restaurant! My girls love the restaurant so much it’s definitely on our wishlist! For now we picked up Blaire which comes with the doll, yellow bow bracelet, flower hair pin, bumblebee sundress, and of course her first book. My favorite part of Blaire is her gorgeous wavy red hair. All of our AG dolls are dolls of color so I was excited to add a different looking doll to our collection. My oldest couldn't wait to play in her hair and snuck off to take down her meet style which I wasn’t too happy about being that her hair was SO cute! I had to remind myself, dolls are for play…

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We also got her accessories that include a bouquet of flowers, tablet, party planning accessories and a cute tote that fits everything inside! We had to get at least one outfit too so we chose Blaire’s gardening outfit that includes a super cute off the shoulder top, blues jean overalls, rain-boots and a cute choker to wrap the look up. I definitely plan on getting a few more things from Blaire’s collection because it’s just so cute and her accessories are really fun ways to play and learn about cooking and doing things you love.


We are so sad to see that our local store will be closing March 20th. American Girl is a place full of so many memories with my girls and we are going to miss it so much! In the meantime we are going to make as many memories as possible in its final days before the doors are closed. I guess we will have to start a new tradition of visiting some of the other American Girl stores around the country. I’m sure that will be a lot of fun too!

Are you and your children American Girl Fans. What is your littles favorite thing from the collection?