5 Kid Friendly Streaming Apps


I’m sure mostly everyone has heard about the disturbing content that has infiltrated YT luring kids into inflicting self-harm. As a parent this news is extremely upsetting. My 2 year old uses Youtube Kids while my 5 year old is allowed to watch the regular Youtube app through an account I made for her. On her account we are subscribed to some of her favorite Youtube Channels (Ryan’s Toy Reviews, Elli and Naiah Show, and Shot of The Yeagers) and I have taught her that she can only watch channels that are approved by mommy. She has been so good with listening that she actually will come and ask me if she can watch a video she comes across outside of her regular channels.

 When I first heard of the Youtube scandal I felt that because my child scares easily if she had come across it, she would click away. Fortunately after having a conversation with both children thankfully they have not come across anything. I’ve heard the horror stories of children having nightmares because of this and the entire situation is just unbelievable. I personally will not be restricking Youtube, I mean I am a Youtuber myself and my girls also have their own channel but I have decided to drastically cut back on when they can watch. I had already started doing a “no youtube on school days” rule but of course I haven’t enforced it as well as I’d like so that rule will definitely be in full effect and on weekends we will have only a certain amount of time where we can watch their favorite channels all together as a means of carefully monitoring videos so that I know they are not being exposed to anything I disapprove of.

I also want to introduce more kid friendly streaming apps to my children as an alternative to just watching youtube hence why I’m creaing this post because I’m sure other parents are looking for the samething!

1.      Netflix – Of course everyone knows of Netflix and my girls LOVE watching their favorite shows. This is mostly the only other streaming app my girls use. I would still be careful with this option being that I once allowed my 5 year old to watch a newer movie released and out of nowhere I heard a curse word. I was shocked so I rewinded a few times just to be sure I heard it correctly. We live in a no cursing home and so I turned the movie off immediately. This movie was a cartoon, definitely geared towards children and was on the Kids profile. So I recommend still being aware of what your child is watching.

2. Boomerang - This app has lots of different shows such as Carebears Unlock The Magic to the classics like Scooby- Doo and Tom and Jerry. This app does charge $4.99 a month for unlimited access but there are free episodes also! My girls love Scooby-Doo so that will definitely be a top play in our household.

3. Disney Now - I’m sure many have heard and may even have this app already downloaded! This is a great alternative to Youtube because kids are already familiar with the shows and characters. My girls love watching Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital and the Tsum Tsum shorts. This app does allow you to login to your TV provider but even if you do not have one of the TV providers there are a good amount of TV Shows and Shorts that you can watch without logging in. We watch without login and my daughters have 0 problems finding something to watch!

4. Disney Junior Appisodes - This is the only app that does cost for access. It is only $2.99 a month though and you get a 7 day free trial just to make sure this is something that your kid would enjoy. Just like the Disney Now app, all of the content on this app is familiar to your littles and there are tons of episodes to choose from. What makes this app different from the Disney Now app is, this app is more interactive. This app includes interactive shows and books!

5. PBS Kids Video - The best part of this app is that it is 100% free. There are endless shows to watch and you can even stream PBS Kids Live on the app which I think is amazing! PBS Kids Video is definitely a well trusted app that you won’t have to worry about your kids watching on their own while on a long drive or even while you cook dinner. When my daughter has no school, I work from home and she loves to watch her iPad while mommy works. So we definitely will be putting this app to use on those days!

What Are Your Favorite Kid Friendly Streaming Apps?