Last Minute Homemade Easter Baskets For Under $8 Each!


I am so last minute about so much, especially when it comes to things like this. So it comes to no surprise I waited until the last minute to buy stuff for Easter for the girls. I always make the girls baskets every year, I can’t even imagine paying $20 for a pre-made one! Plus I love to hand pick what goes in each basket! I had Good Friday off so fortunately I was able to take the girls to school then head out to grab everything. Initially I planned on going to Target or Walmart but then it hit me, GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE! So I made my way to my local Dollar Tree and I can honestly say I am so happy that I did! I found super cute stuff that I know they will love and I only spent a total of $14!


One of the great things about having 2 girls is that I’m able to save even more money by buying things that can be split in half. I only spent $5 on each basket as far as single items go, and then I spent $4 on things that had enough to go in each basket which is what brought the basket to a total of $7 each. As you can see they got a variety of cute items, a cute stuff animal, candy, Easter eggs, bubbles, and of course a book. I always like to add Christian aspects of some sort to my girls baskets as to remember why we celebrate Easter. I was so happy to see these cute bible story books at my Dollar Tree! For being super last minute, I do believe I got really cute baskets that my girls will absolutely love! Like I said, there really is no reason to spend $20 on a basket when you can make them on your own for less than half the price!

What are your favorite things to include in your littles Easter Baskets?