3 Ways To Become A Better Mom | "The Better Mom" Book Review


Becoming a better mom starts with becoming a better person.

1. Know your worth.

  • Our identity is found in Christ and it is our jobs to show our children their worth but how can we help anyone else know their worth if we don’t know our own. 1John 3:1

2. Let go of pressure

  • In the age of social media, it is so easy to compare yourself to other moms/families. Especially as a single mother. You compare yourself to other single mothers who seem to be “more successful” and married moms who have help or are able to stay home with their babies or follow their dreams because of a supportive husband. We all are comparing to each other thinking oh if only I had this or if only I had that. Those very moms you look at wishing you had that supportive husband or help could be looking at you wishing they had something you feel is no big deal. The key to being a better mom isn’t being perfect. It’s giving yourself the grace to not be perfect! I was watching a clean with me video on YouTube and when the YouTube mommy got to her living room I thought to myself “I’m not the only one who has toys all over my living room!” It was something like a relief, realizing that I am not alone. Now is this something I want to just say ok I’m not alone so cool. Not at all, I’m working on being intentional with having my girls clean up more after themselves but I have given myself grace in the fact that my house will not stay clean and as long as we are intentionally making an effort to do our best, it is ok.

3. Be present.

  • This one is an obvious one I mean we all want to be present in our children’s lives but being present is more than just being around. This is actually one of the most important things for me as a mother; I want to be in my children’s lives. I would rather work an ok job that has good hours and provides for my children enough to be comfortable than have some high paying job that allows me to give my children everything they could ever ask for but never be home with them or be so consumed with work I’m not able to enjoy the luxuries with them. The thing is, Ruth gives a different view of being present that I hadn’t really thought of. Ruth brings up how easy it is to get in a “I hate this stage of life” mood that you get so consumed in daydreaming about better that you don’t really take the time to enjoy the moments. Yes things might not be exactly how you want them to be but that should not make you absent from the present. Ruth gives an amazing example of how she got caught up what she didn’t like but how she decided to get out of it too.

These are just a few points from The Better Mom by Ruth Schwenk but there is so much more that this book has to offer. I want to be a better mom for my children and I truly believe Ruth hit so many valise points that are practical and easy to apply in your everyday life. It’s so easy to get lost in all the opinions of how you should be as a mother and what you should be doing with your children but I truly believe the only way to be a better mom is to find who you are and truly love yourself.

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The best thing we can do as moms is to embrace momming – all of it - what we love, what drives us nuts, and what wears us out.