3 Stylish Must Have Diaper/Mommy Bags


Instagram is dangerous.

I don’t click on sponsored post that often, in all honesty they can even get annoying I mean who wants to see a sponsored post every 10 post? So, normally I just keep scrolling when I’m browsing my feed passing all the “BUY NOW” screaming at me.

Well, IG pulled me in while I was scrolling through my feed the other day though. I came across a super cute backpack that I noticed was also a diaper bag and everything in me just HAD to inquire further and of course IG noticed and BOOM more cute mommy backpacks started popping up in my feed. And well now, I literally HAVE to have one. When I was pregnant with my second I did find some pretty cute diaper bags that were more like cute totes than your average diaper bag once I actually had my second I realized that sometimes those super cute tote like diaper bags just aren’t very practical. Maybe for a mommy of one those types can work, but with two, we need all hands on deck! Eventually I found myself just carrying a cute purse backpack because it allows you to hold bag, baby, and help the older child with whatever it is they need.

Even now, my girls are 5 and 2 but I still very much so need a mommy bag. My oldest has asthma and allergies so I need to always have her medication on hand and then with my 2 year old, she is newly potty trained so extra clothing is a must, along with all the other things you need to have with little ones. I don’t see myself not needing a mommy bag anytime soon and so yes I’m adding one of these, maybe even 2, to my bag collection!


Freshly Picked | IG - @freshlypicked

When did you feel like you no longer needed to use a diaper/mommy bag?