Lundberg Family Farms Organic Ready To Heat Rice Review

* Disclaimer - I received these product for free though  Moms Meet .

* Disclaimer - I received these product for free though Moms Meet.

Being a fulltime working single mother definitely can be challenging at times. Some of my personal struggles include finding time to load my girls and make a trip to the grocery store, waiting weeks to tackle all of our laundry, and trying to keep my house clean with 2 littles always looking for some way to make a mess.  In todays society there are a million ways to get "help" with a lot of these things such as pickup services like Instacart or even food delivery services like Postmates. I recently attended a panel called "Leading From Any Chair" and got a chance to hear from some women VP's apart of my employer and of course one of the questions brought up was, how to you maintain a Work-Life balance having executive level positions. One of the VP's said "Have someone else do things for you." Of course she was referring to the services I mentioned above but unfortunately we can't all afford to "have someone else do it". I always find myself asking what are some reasonable ways I can lighten the mommy load, without breaking the bank.  

One way I try to make things easier, is by finding quick meals that don’t take too much time to prep or cook. I grew up having what to some might be considered an early dinner around maybe 5ish but being that I work fulltime plus factoring in travel time and picking up the girls from daycare, dinner might be done around 7 depending on what I make. My little’s however complain of hunger the moment I walk in the daycare doors and the complaints just get louder and louder as we get settled at home and I began to prep for our late meal. So finding quick and easy meals is a must that way we don’t have to wait too long to eat. Thanks to Mom’s Meet I had the opportunity to try Lundberg Family Farms Organic Ready To Heat Rice! I was sent Spanish, Turmeric, and Coconut flavors to try and hands down our favorite is Coconut! It literally was done in minutes, combined with some quick microwave frozen broccoli and a rotisserie chicken, our meal was done in less than 10 minutes! If only every meal could be this easy!


I definitely recommend trying Lundberg Family Farms Organic Ready To Heat Rice, there are some other great flavors to try too! You can purchase Lundberg’s products at your local Whole Foods and you can check here to find which locations carry it!

What is your favorite quick meal?